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You must become familiar with the normal appearance of your breast in order to immediately inform your doctor of any changes that might happen.


Monthly self exam for women and quarterly for men will allow you to know your breasts and detect any alert such as (hardening, skin and nipple changes,cracks, spontaneous secretions, changes in size and shape) .



Breast self exam is divided in two parts:



Standing with your hands in 3 positions (next to the body, at the waistline, and behind the neck) place yourself in front of a mirror and examine your entire breast and armpit area.



Lying down with your right hand behind your neck while using your left hand to feel the whole area of the right breast and armpit. Use your fingertips and move them in circular motion using different levels of pressure (light, moderate, strong) as well as clockwise circular movements, it can also be done with upwards and downwards vertical movement starting from the nipple outwards and then in the opposite direction, but only one method is required. When finish, proceed doing the same with the left breast. 

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