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- SenosAyuda's financial resources have dramatically dropped, due to the collapse of the Venezuelan currency.

- Make a reliable diagnostic, since there are very few medical facilities that are well equipped. The lack of reliable equipment within the public healthcare system has made many women from underserved communities reach out to SenosAyuda for help.

- Pharmaceutical companies are in an impossible situation due to the limitations imposed on imports.

- Thus, the cancer patients are entirely abandoned by the public healthcare system. Only those who have economic resources can get the necessary treatments through different channels abroad. Venezuelans in various countries are very active in helping those in need, but all efforts seem small when it comes to supplying the necessary treatments to all, especially those from underserved communities.



The organization must focus its efforts on raising as much as it can so it can support more patients. US-based potential institutional donors might not be aware of the reality these patients are facing on a day-to-day basis, and of how raising funds through SenosAyuda's efforts in the USA might make a difference in many patients' lives.

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