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SenosAyuda Foundation is a nonprofit organization, created in the US to raise funds from institutional and individual donors in order to sustain the programs that benefit breast cancer patients in Venezuela. These programs are managed by AC Fundación SenosAyuda, as well as by other similar organizations committed to providing breast cancer patients all the medical and psychological support they need to survive in the best possible conditions.

AC Fundación SenosAyuda is the leading breast cancer survivor non-profit organization founded in 2004 by three breast cancer survivors: Bolivia Bocaranda, Beatriz Ottengo and Ingrid Borges. Other breast cancer survivors and volunteers joined the organization extending its geographical reach beyond the country’s capital.


To become the referential entity that has contributed to the decline of breast cancer mortality rate among the Venezuelan population, and recognized as a leader and as an inspiration for other organizations in Latin America.



To raise funds through different activities in order to finance SenosAyuda programs that will help the Venezuelan underserved female population get high-quality diagnostics, treatments, and resources to manage the disease and increase their survival expectations.

We need to create awareness of the situation regarding diagnosed Venezuelan Breast Cancer patients and the general female population, and the challenges they face when it comes to detection, treatment and managing of the disease.

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